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Welcome to the mainstay of this site, the tutorials page. Choose one of the tutorials below. I find it best to open up NotePad or WordPad when you do this and work on your page while learning the tutorial. You can also open up your browser window and view your page as you go along. To do this, when your ready, save the file as something.htm or something.html (where something is the name of the document, but you can name the document anything you want, just make sure that it has an .htm or .html at the end.)

There are 3 things that I stress you do:
1) Make sure that the text wraps (Well, you don't have to do this, but I find it easier.) To do this with NotePad, go to Edit > Word Wrap. To do this with WordPad go to View > Options > Wrap to Window.
2) Make sure that the document is a text document. NotePad is already a text document, but WordPad will format. So, when you save the document with WordPad, make sure you save it as a text document.
3) Make sure, as I alread said, that you save it with an .htm or .html at the end. With NotePad, when you save the document, save it with Parenthesis (" "), otherwise Notepad will save it as 'document.html.txt' and that would change it from an html document to a plain text file.

These tutorials are not intended to be used as a reference, but as a learning tool. So if they don't answer all of your questions, just email me and I will be happy to answer any questions you have. 


Html Tutorial
Table Tutorial

Being Written

Form Tutorial
Frame Tutorial
CSS (Cascading StyleSheets) Tutorial
JavaScript Tutorial
DHtml (Dynamic Html) Tutorial

Other Resources

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