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Free Web Space Providers

NetColony is a fast-growing free web space provider that offers an amazing 35 megabytes of free space! They do require a banner at the top of your pages, but that is a small price to pay for 35 megs. No annoying pop-up windows here. There is also information on how to make your page, promote it, etc. Only drawback here is that .zip files are not supported...
NetColony recently upgraded to T3 connections, and took away the annoying Slow Loading banner and replaced it with a new banner.

This service is ad-supported like most, requiring you to display a banner. They offer you a choice of 12 domains w/ a sub-domain address for your site (http://yourname.freeservers.com/), a nice step up from most other free web hosting providers. You also get 20 megs of space, unlimited e-mail addresses, and direct FTP Access. If you are new to HTML, they have an easy page maker utility.

Offers a big 25 megs of space, and offers a free HTML publishing tool if you are new to HTML. It is easy to get your account set up and there is also a free shopping cart option, for those of you who want to do commerce on your site.
WebJump offers phone and pager support, to assist you if your site goes down, and they claim they will do their best to respond with tech support within 24 hours.

A major free web space provider, close behind Geocities. Angelfire is ad-supported but, dare I say... with annoying pop-up windows, but... you can switch them off. Angelfire recently went from 10 megs of free space to 5 megs, but if you use graphics from their collection, it is not counted against your space. Angelfire offers free help with your web site, even if you are new to HTML, and has an easy to use online page maker. Angelfire is known as one of the most reliable free web space providers, but... you can only upload one file at a time (Which can get annoying), and they don't have sub directories.

The largest free web space provider, with 3.5 million members, Geocities offers 11 megs of space. You start by moving into a neighborhood with pages that are similar to your own. There is also an online WYSIWYG HTML Editor for you that are new to HTML. Then you can use Geocities 'EZ' File Uploader to start making your web page. You can either display a banner at the top of your page, or have an annoying pop-up window. Both options include an embedded watermark at the bottom right or their pages, which is cool to see, but gets annoying, and can sometimes mess up the page. A new program by Geocities, Pages that Pay, lets you earn commissions of up to 15% by displaying advertising banners on your pages. Some people have reported it hard to access their account at times.

A new, and major free web space provider, Fortune City has grown tremendously, and offers a free 20 megs of space. You are required to place a banner on your page. Fortune City uses a city theme, which is different, and kind of cool. Fortune City also recently added sub directory support, which makes organizing your files a lot easier. No single file can be larger than 1 megabyte. Some members have reported a lot of 'downtime' and times when it was hard to access their account.

IceStorm Network
A good web hosting provider, IceStorm has fast connections and good service. However, they only give 3 megs of space, which isn't all that much. But, most people don't even use that much on their web pages, so its not all that bad...

Crosswinds is an Ad-Free free web hosting service, unless you have a business site, then it requires you to display a banner and you have a 25 megabyte limit, but its still free. For non business pages, you get unlimited space, a plus, no adds or banners to display, free email, and free mailing lists. You can upload your files through FTP or use their upload service that you can access right through your browser. No porn, 'Warez' (Pirated Material) is allowed. Some users have reported it hard to upload files lately, and the server is rather slow.

Free Yellow is another fast-growing web hosting provider. It offers 12 megs, not that bad, many free site enhancements, such as counters, graphics, order forms, auto responder, FTP uploading, and more. If you are new to HTML, you can use their 'WebSiteWizard', an easy to use page making utility.
Signing up for Free Yellow is, however, very time-consuming. Some users report it hard to access and update their pages at times, especially when they are updating their systems. Back when they had a 2 megabyte limit, not a strict figure, but close, if you went over it, your pages could be subject to deletion. However, they have greatly increased their service and space, so I doubt that your pages would be deleted anymore.

The Globe
A large free hosting provider, which claims 600,000 members, offers 6 megs of space, free e-mail and free chat. You can create your pages by writing your own HTML or using their 'PageWizard'. The Globe also offers fun active X applets, they call 'Things' that are easy to post on your page. 'Things' include games, web site navigation, and holiday themes. The Globe recently underwent a major upgrade, it claims a $20 million dollar upgrade, and will soon offer more chat rooms, a site wide buddy system, and an instant 'Flash' messaging system... (Similar to ICQ or AIM? We'll find out...) Also note, hidden deep within their membership agreement, The Globe requires you give time a 'royalty free' copyright on your site's content.

A neat, new web hosting provider, Homestead offers its 'Homesteaders' a new 'Drag-and-Drop' online editor that makes creating your page, fast and easy, even for you 'Newbies' out there. If you want, Homestead all offers 'Homestead Express', an easy to use page maker so you can get your site up in minutes. You can build your site from scratch or use one of their pre designed, but fully customizable, page templates. Homestead also offers free chat rooms, guest books, and more. Homestead requires recent versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer (For example, Netscape 3.0 will not work) A few 'Homesteaders' have reported bugs in their online editor, and recieving error messages. Homestead, like The Globe, requires a 'royalty free' copyright on your site's content.

A very popular free web hosting provider, Xoom recently went from 11 megabytes of free space to unlimited free space. However, along with this update, Xoom also took away its ads, and in its place put a small toolbar at the top of each page, to see it, click here . You cannot have Pay Advertising banner on your page. Also included in Xoom is free clip art, chat, and e-mail. You will need an e-mail address to sign up, I recommend Microsoft Hotmail or Netscape Webmail. After signing up, expect a lot of 'junk mail' from xoom, and some members report that it is hard to un-subscribe from them. Xoom does not allow Multilevel Marketing (MLM), and some users report that their MLM pages were yanked off of the system abruptly.

Go Network
I used to use Go's services, and overall, I find them satisfactory. Your site address there would be (http://homepages.go.com/~yourname/) They offer unlimited space and free e-mail. You can only upload one file at a time though, so it can get annoying. They recently underwent a long upgrade, (When I was still there) that lasted for 3½ days, but it greatly increased the quality of their service. A couple of times, there were errors in their system, because I would delete a file, and it would still be there. But I don't know if they fixed that or not. I don't recall ever having trouble accessing or editing my account when I was there, except for when they updated their system.


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